Katherine Webb Wears a Purple Swimsuit For Her Celebrity Diving Show, Splash

Katherine Webb is working on her new celebrity diving show, Splash. Webb now does most things in a bathing suit. Ndamukong Suh is also on the program. As you can see, Suh is already checking out the competition.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, there are multiple celebrity diving shows. This is the television equivalent of seeing your neighbor put a silly looking gnome in the middle of his yard. At first you think that gnome looks silly and stupid and you can’t understand why he bought it in the first place. You have a yard. You know what should go in it. Then you are all like, “Well, I could have a gnome if I wanted.” Then you go out and buy a gnome and put it in your yard because if he’s going to have a gnome, I’m you’re going to have a gnome. Then you stand on your porch and smirk because you have a gnome now. Meanwhile, whenever someone drives by and notices the gnomes they think, “Some jackass actually thought that was a good idea?” That is the television industry in a nutshell.

Having said that… “Katherine Webb swimsuit TV show pictures.” Even Ndamukong Suh knows whats up.

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