Man With Past Ties to Oklahoma State Football Players Accused of Beating Son ... For Liking Sooners More

Gannon Mendez of Perkins, Oklahoma has been charged with child abuse after beating his 9 year old son, according to KFOR.com. One of the reasons: the boy told friends at school that he liked the Sooners more than the Cowboys.

Mendez was in the middle of allegations related to Dez Bryant and other Oklahoma State players regarding impermissible benefits back in 2011. Mendez refused cooperation with the investigation, and Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy told his players not to associate with this man (Mendez was 40 at the time).

The sickening allegations against Mendez include making his son run at a football field until he puked, making him eat soap chips, and hazing him by waking the child up every 30 minutes in the middle of the night to do pushups.

[photo via fox sports]

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