Chill Australian Drunk Driver Sits in Wrecked Car, Tells Police He's Just Waiting For His Mate

Australian police were responding to reports of a car doing burnouts in a parking lot when they found this dude. A short clip of the show hit YouTube over the weekend thanks to someone taking a cell phone video of their television. His name is apparently Clinton, but he tells the officer that his name is James. He also tells the officer his friend’s name is James. And that he is just waiting there parked on the grass with a broken bumper and flat tire while James has run inside. “I’m just waiting for my mate,” he says multiple times.

Later in the video he starts grilling the cop asking if he is a “federal officer of the law.” A case of Wild Turkey Bourbon and Cola is on the floor of the car and he eventually blows a .181 on the breathalyzer test. The conviction with which he tells his lies combined with that beautiful Australian accent and the fact that no one was hurt make this guy a legend.

Because you want to see it first!

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