Wale and Rudy Gay Were Joking Around, Then the Rapper Went After Announcer Matt Devlin For Not Knowing Who He Was

Wale, Rudy Gay and Toronto Raptor announcer Matt Devlin – what a random mix – had quite a bizarre night in Washington DC. The Raptors were playing the Wizards, and Wale had floor seats. The rapper (best song: Chillin‘) was talking to Gay (who is from the area), who motioned to call him after the game.

That’s when announcer Matt Devlin foolishly got involved. He thought Wale was heckling Gay, and said during the telecast, “I’m sure somebody on twitter can tell me if they’re ever heard of Wale,” and compared him to Drake, who is from Canada.

Wale must have heard about it, because he went right up to the announcing booth and appeared to unleash a stream of profanities at Devlin, who offered one of those scared, nervous laughs on-air.

Later, Gay confirmed he’s friendly with Wale. Matt Devlin was seen changing his underwear in between quarters. If you care, the Raptors won and Gay scored 24 points. [videos via Talk Hoops]

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