Roundup: Cheerleader Makes Amazing Half Court Shot, Ann Coulter Insults Libertarians, and Norwegians Really Love Wood

Keri Russell . . . Ann Coulter debated John Stossel, called libertarians pussies (video here). . . Hilarious must read: Norwegians really do love their wood . . . Bikini baristas busted for serving more than coffee . . . Ghostbuster headquarters made out of Legos–Shut It Off! . . . Megan Fox will play April O’Neil in TMNT remake . . .Sometimes you just have to break in and jerk it at a fire station . . . If you are going to steal goats, it’s good to be polite . . . Steve Rushin details the trip to Antarctica with Kate Upton . . . The Clippers beat the Clippers last night . . . Reader’s Digest is in bankruptcy . . . Well, this is an unfortunate online product listing, Target . . . women’s tennis player quitting because of social media . . . “put your phone number in my phone” . . . Graphic detailing Oscar Pistorius’ story about how he killed Reeva Steenkamp . . . .

California won at Oregon last night with a last second jumper, has also won at Arizona in last two weeks and now in the Tournament picture [College Basketball Talk]

Former Memphis State Tiger William Bedford returns to the school tonight for the first time since being in prison [Commercial Appeal]

A story on how Scott Drew is such a good recruiter (and no, the answer is not money) [Fox Sports]

Matt Birk to announce his retirement today [Baltimore Sun]

Mike Schmidt: “Michael Young could retire tomorrow, and he would be a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame. He’s probably two Michael Young years away from being a first-ballot Hall of Famer.” [philly.com]

Maybe there is hope for Brandon Weeden. A look at which rookie quarterbacks most improved their team’s passing [Football Perspective]

The Springfield Nuclear team would have still finished 2nd behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL West in 1992, advanced analysis proves [Ground Ball With Eyes]

The Jets are going to try to trade Tim Tebow. In related news, I’m going to try to sell my high mileage ’97 Mazda with an effective driving range of 15 miles. Call me. [nfl.com]

Great profile of Victor Oladipo [CBS Sports]

The NCAA basketball committee chair says that RPI is the best predictive tool. The guys at Harvard say otherwise. I’m beginning to think the NCAA may not be entirely competent. [Harvard Sports Analysis]

Speaking of the NCAA, college wrestler Joel Bauman and his music career versus a scholarship [Sports Illustrated]

Incredible-Cheerleader Ashlee Arnau makes a half court shot while doing a flip [h/t: The Dagger]

Marshall coaches breaking boards over each other in pre-game warmups.

Combining the worst of two worlds– the “harlem shake” and the blizzard that buried Kansas City yesterday.

“You Shot Me” movie cutups (via Hot Clicks)

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