Nick Saban Once Yanked a Kid's Scholarship Because He Tweeted 32,000 Times [Update: Or He Didn't]

Nick Saban spoke at a Nike football camp in Louisville this week. A high school coach was there taking notes. One of the notes concerned a recruit using Twitter. From Coach Bird’s blog:

Retracted a scholarship from a player who had 32,000 tweets between signing day and first day of camp. How much was he thinking about football? He was obviously in it for the wrong reasons.

I have tweeted 46,000 times in about 4 years. I sometimes wonder if I’m in it for the wrong reasons. [via @mengus22]

UPDATE: In the two minutes since this post went up, that entire post was pulled and now this is on the front page:

After reviewing notes again, Saban used tweeting kid as an example of someone who was not in football for the right reasons. I do not know if the scholarship was pulled or not. The notes from the Saban Louisville Clinic have been taken down until corrections can be made.

Oh well. This is what used to be a great story. Let’s just pretend.

Because you want to see it first!

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