Sacramento State-UC Riverside Baseball Brawl Featured Some Haymakers [Video]

Things got testy in yesterday’s Sacramento State-UC Riverside game after a rundown between second and third base. Now a bunch of players find themselves in a pickle.

Andrew Ayers, the Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year as a junior last season, and Eddie Young and Drake Zarate of UC Riverside were ejected from the game after the brouhaha in the third inning of Sac State’s 2-1 loss. Under NCAA rules, players ejected for fighting are suspended for four games.

Young was caught in a rundown between second and third base and was tagged out by Ayers. Based on video on KCRA Channel, it appears Ayers pushed Young out of his way, and Young retaliated with two punches, the first one hitting Ayers in the jaw.

Hornets third baseman Will Soto Jr. then tackled Young, and players from both benches streamed onto the field. It’s unclear what role Zarate played in the confrontation.

Young’s decision to throw a couple of punches to the face after being shoved slightly is an impressive overreaction. Michael Barrett would be extremely proud.

Because you want to see it first!

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