The Steve Novak Rap Is an Informative Achievement [Video]

The Steve Novak rap is a delightful blitz of facts and sizzle that make for an impactful listen so long as you take into consideration that it was made by a 15-year-old Jack Osbourne/Gideon Yago disciple. Below are some memorable and, more importantly, truthful lyrics:

“Steve Novak drainin’ threes like a throwback to Michael Jordan, so take a picture with a Kodak.”

“A game without Novak is like cheese without mac, if you disagree then get movin’ and hit the road jack.”

“Novak, LeBron wishes he could be just like he, but at least Novak has a college degree.”

Sadly, this is still basically Eminem’s “The Sauce” when compared to the Rob Gronkowski rap.

[via @Knicks148]

Because you want to see it first!

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