Brawl at North Carolina "Awards Ball" Features Flying Chairs & a Woman Even Throws a Table [Video]

Slow news day? Yes. Yes it is. Luckily, our good friend Herbie sent along this video of a brawl at the “NC Awards Ball.” Cursory Google searches tell me this might be some sort of LGBT function. Not that any of that matters. All that I care about is the fact that these people are throwing chairs at each other. And then this woman picks up a ****ing table, brandishes it like a folding chair and throws it at someone. Then somebody throws a chair at her and she catches it. From there its just a lot of yelling and commotion and warning tasers. Oh, and one guy might have an ax. Other than that, it’s a pretty boring video.

UPDATE: According to WBTV, it was some sort of fashion show and one contestant “did not like a judge’s ruling and threw a chair.” From there, insanity. [via @BillVoth]

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Because you want to see it first.

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