Dylan Moses, the 8th Grader LSU and Alabama are Fighting Over, is a Beast Among Boys

Les Miles and Nick Saban have both offered scholarships to Louisiana 8th grader Dylan Moses. Moses already stands 6’1″, 215, but he’s not just bigger than his competition, he’s much faster. According to this YouTube video, LSU has Moses with a 4.45 40-yard dash time. (Manti Te’o must be jealous.)

In the video above, you can see Moses at the 2012 Louisiana Governor’s Games absolutely destroying kids on the track in various 100, 200 and 400m races. The real reason for this post though … this gif of Moses trucking this tiny kid in one of his highlight videos.

I mean, it is basically a full grown man tossing a child, but dammit if it isn’t spectacular. I can only assume the father of that little (probably almost normal size for his age) kid had no choice but to say, “Shit,” and then laugh while his wife glared at him.

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