Roundup: Jennifer Lawrence Meets Jack Nicholson, Epic Airport Meltdown by Chinese Official & Iran Covers Up Michelle Obama with Photoshop

Heidi Klum … the Oscars TV audience for 2013 was up from 2012 … “Man was drunk, trying to sell marijuana to Applebee’s patrons” … why is Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer pushing this work-in-an-office change? … NBC prime time TV ratings are in the tank … diversity hirings still rare in sports … unsuccessful boxer wants to re-ignite career … Michigan State coalition: please don’t burn sofas … shocking newspaper apology … I like the ‘smack an asteroid‘ plan … 18 die in Egypt on hot air balloon ride … Iran aired the Oscars, but photoshopped more clothes onto Michelle Obama … “9-year-old rapper’s adult-themed videos prompt state probe” …

Iowa State blows five point lead in the final :44, loses in overtime to Kansas, 108-96. Much-maligned Elijah Johnson scored 39 points. [Des Moines Register]

A bit late, but this is the best 11-year-old basketball player in the country, probably. [Times]

Tom Brady is going to retire a New England Patriot, and he’s such a team player, he helped create cap room with his new deal. [Peter King]

The NCAA sucks, part XXVII. [Post]

No surprise, but Stephen Jackson of the Rams will test the free agent market. [Post-Dispatch]

NASCAR should thank Danica Patrick for big Daytona 500 TV ratings: Up 30 percent overnight. [AP]

Pitcher Phil Coke meets the guy behind the twitter feed, “Phil Coke’s Brain.” [M Live]

Stats show that NBA players under the age of 26 who return from an ACL injury actually shoot better. [WSJ]

Q&A with Brazil soccer star Neymar. [TIME]

Syracuse, 74-71 losers to Marquette, is now 2-3 since Jim Boehim’s outburst at Andy Katz. [JS Online]

When Cam Newton was only an honorable mention JUCO, what happened to the 1st and 2nd team QBs? [The Big Mac Blog]

New Orleans columnist says the Saints should draft the Honey Badger. [NOLA.com]

Vintage video of Bill Russell hurdling a defender while playing for the University of San Francisco. [via Red’s Army]

Kid wins Jeopardy, flashes arms in “suck it” in honor of some wrestler. [via Traina]

Chinese official misses flight, has epic airport meltdown.

Love you, Jennifer Lawrence.

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