High School Tight End Brilliantly Spoofs Horrible Highlight Videos With "Best Highlight Reel Ever"

Just yesterday, while having Mike prepare the gif of Dylan Moses destroying some normal-sized kid his own age, I remarked how all stupid high school and youth highlight compilations on YouTube have such awful soundtracks. There’s something about videos of 10-year old white kids breaking non-tackles while hardcore gangster rap plays over the footage that seems a bit off. Rich Tran, who just finished his senior season as a tight end and linebacker for Dominion High School, created his own highlight video with that garbage in mind, but completing the project was not easy.

“I spent a lot more time working on it than it looks,” he said. “Roughly an hour, I’d say. And actually, I made another video first, but I accidentally exited out of it before saving, so I had to do it again. So maybe two hours total.”

Well done. Although the fact that he sent this video to Woody Paige and Mike & Mike before turning to a sports blog is troubling. [WaPo]

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