Buzzer Beaters: 3/4 Court JV Basketball Shot After the Buzzer, 9-Year Old From Half Court & More! [Video]

This is from a junior varsity basketball game between John Glenn High School and Culver Community High School in Indiana. The video starts with a kid from Culver banking in a free throw to put his team up 32-31. John Glenn then gets a basket and a foul with less than a second remaining. One player runs on the court. Culver players are confused and at least one referee doesn’t know what to do. The John Glenn player misses the free throw and a Culver kid buries a shot from below his own free throw line after the buzzer sounds. It is ugly, beautiful and amazing, all at once.

If that wasn’t good enough for you, here’s a 9-year old throwing it in from beyond half court.

And here’s a kid banking in a semi-alley-oop 3-point buzzer beater. There are too many of these for them each to get their own posts.

Finally, here is your girl power buzzer beater of the day. 7th Grade girls basketball looks intense. You can tell because of the amount of skipping.

Because you want to see it first!

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