Colorado Lineman Ticketed For Knocking Over Brick Wall After Being Denied Entry to Frat Party

Colorado defensive lineman Samson Kafovalu was ticketed after trying to force his way into a frat party. During the altercation he directed “fighting words” at a security guard who told him he was not on the list. He also knocked over a brick wall. Not surprisingly, Kafovalu was intoxicated.

The security guard said Kafovalu was not on the list for the party and was not allowed in. He continued to try to force his way into the party and began shouting. At one point the guard said Kafovalu yelled out, “Don’t (expletive) do this (expletive), I’ll (expletive) kill you,” according to the report.

While his friends were trying to push him back, Kafovalu bumped into a short brick wall and knocked part of it over, causing $300 in damage according to the fraternity, according to police.

This is not all bad for Mike MacIntyre. At least it’s a documented sign of passion and aggression from a Colorado defender. It’s sort of an indictment of how far the team has fallen that a football player has to be “on the list” to get into a party.

[Photo via USA Today Sports]

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