Roundup: Morrissey Hates Duck Dynasty, Miss Teen Delaware Gets Job Offer, Dennis Rodman Insults Psy

Anna Hutchinson … an oral history of the making of Pulp Fiction … Budweiser is watering down beer … 7-year old tattoo artist … rapper Pope Emeritus threatening to sue The Vatican … little girl “steals” two sticks from Yosemite, mails them back with an apology … read the New York Times for free at Starbucks … PSY had to explain to Dennis Rodman that he is South Korean … too much mathWonder Bread has a new owner … the science of junk food … hero pig not actually a hero pig … Penn admissions officer made fun of applicant essays on Facebook … Pizza Hut employee dressed like a cop to fool girlfriend & family … every celebrity ever mocked by South Park … Former Miss Teen Delaware offered a job as “Miss YouPorn” … man steals cookies from Girl Scouts …

Morrissey was supposed to be on Jimmy Kimmel, but canceled at the last minute when he found out the Duck Dynasty cast would be there. [Washington Post]

Jacoby Jones will be on Dancing With the Stars. His mom is excited. [Baltimore Sun]

Cartoon A-Rod is the only A-Rod anyone likes. [NY Sports Kings]

One of the Brewers’ racing sausages is missing! [Journal Sentinel]

Remember the lady who threw the table and then caught a chair with one hand? Well, here is a 911 call from that fashion show brawl. [Charlotte Observer]

An interview with Larry Flynt. [Hollywood Reporter]

Wall Street and betting on baseball. [ESPN]

How big heads got so big in college basketball. [SI]

Ricky Romero is going back to his sinker. [National Post]

Tampa Bay’s new sports talk radio station is struggling. [Tampa Bay Times]

The Beatles argument.

Your cute animal video of the day is a bit more exotic today.

Aaron Murray and some of his friends made a trick shot video. These are the outtakes. [via Diehard Sport]

I had never seen this beer commercial before. Hilarious.

All 54 of Stephen Curry’s points last night against the Knicks.

Because you want to see it first!

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