Tim Lincecum Being Sued Because He Was Allegedly a Bad Tenant Who Caused $200,000 Damage

Tim Lincecum’s former landlady is suing him for allegedly causing what sounds like an awful lot of damage to a townhouse he rented a couple years ago. The landlady says Lincecum caused over $200,000 in damages. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom property Lincecum rented at 141 Hampshire St. from May 2010 to February 2011 had a lease provision that allowed either owner or tenant to submit any dispute to confidential, binding arbitration.

Lincecum invoked that provision after landlady Mindy Freile sued him in October 2011. She claimed he had damaged “bedding, doors, carpet, pillows, kitchenware, linens, furniture, household appliances, art work, decorations, patio furniture, lights, lamps and mirrors, among other things’’ around the time his lease expired.

Lincecum wants to settle out of court, but is willing to fight the case in open court. I can’t imagine living in – or destroying – a house worth that much. I would have to burn my current apartment to the ground, rebuild it with hundred dollar bills as wallpaper and then destroy it again to cause that much damage. Perhaps when Lincecum cut his hair he moved on from his party-hard Mitch Kramer phase.

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