Eight More Boys & Girls High School Basketball Buzzer Beaters From the Last Couple Nights [Video]

The ending of every basketball game from her to the end of eternity will be recorded by no less than 3 cell phone cameras. Get used to seeing a lot more buzzer-beaters. Like this one that might have been a game-winner, but probably just ended the quarter. Plus, 7 more from various levels over the last couple nights.

Jarrod Smith from Frankfort HS (Indiana) hits a full court shot to beat the 1st quarter buzzer. Yes, he traveled. So let’s move on.

Culver City High School (Caliornia?) This is why you hold for the last shot!

If this little kid’s buzzer beater doesn’t warm your heart, what does?

A nonchalant buzzer beater from just in front of halfcourt. She doesn’t even jump.

Divine Myles of Blount High School with the double-clutch shot from midcourt.

From distance.

Point Six seconds remaining.

Because you want to see it first!

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