Justin Manning, a Texas A&M Recruit, Posted a Picture of Himself With a Stack of Cash, Explains it is "Income Tax Season"

Justin Manning is a 4-star Texas A&M recruit who plays defensive tackle at Kimball in Dallas, Texas. Manning caused a minor stir in the college football world over the weekend when he┬áposted┬áthis picture on his Instagram account showing him holding a fat stack of cash. College football fans understandably wondered where Manning got the cash. Manning claims there is nothing untoward going on in the picture and has been laughing it off on Twitter, saying that it is “income tax season” and just $275.

@JustinGranger: @sabansays lol it only 275 and it is income tax season!

@JustinGranger: Media a fool!

This reminds me, I have to get my taxes done. I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of doing my taxes is when the U.S. Government sends me my refund in a wad of singles with a couple twenties stuck in the middle. The Federal government is trill like that.

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