Mila Kunis Interview Turns Awesome as BBC Reporter Asks Her to Go Drinking, Attend a Soccer Game & a Wedding [Video]

Mila Kunis is doing interviews to promote her upcoming film, Oz the Great and Powerful which comes out on Friday. BBC Radio 1 sent DJ Chris Stark to interview Kunis. Probably because he is quite obviously smitten with her. The interview quickly turns to an awkward guy trying to find a common interest with a pretty girl. Kunis, having already answered the same 5 questions a thousand times that day was more than willing to play along and talk football and drinking.

Around the 2:22 mark, Stark starts talking about his team, Watford Football Club of the English Championship. (Per Duffy, the Championship is “the English second division one step under the Premier League. [Watford’s] nickname is the Hornets. Elton John is a big fan and used to be chairman.”) Stark invites her to a game and she accepts. Later in the interview he asks if she wants to be his date to a friend’s wedding. Unfortunately, she is shooting a movie at that time.

I hope Jennifer Lawrence enjoyed her week as the Internet’s favorite woman.

[h/t: @DanCovello]

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Because you want to see it first.

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