Monta Ellis Makes the Most 360-Degree Layups, But Here Are the NBA's Best 360-Layups of the 21st Century

Monta Ellis hit this 360-degree layup last night against the Utah Jazz. It wasn’t the first time Monta had hit a 360-degree layup. He did it last year against the Raptors. And he did it two years ago against the Wizards. When a man has this many 360-degree layup highlights on the books, you have to wonder how many of these he has tried over the years that haven’t gone in. Somewhere there has to be a compilation of Monta Ellis cracking shot clocks and throwing basketballs wildly into the stands while spinning around under the basket. Now let’s look at the NBA’s best 360-degree layups.

6. Blake Griffin, 2010

Blake Griffin did it against the Pistons in 2010. He loses points because he didn’t dunk it, but he gains points because he’s so damn big. Griffin often looks like a big kid flinging his body around against smaller kids, but when he gets his body under control for a brief moment it just looks so smooth.

5. John Wall, 2013

John Wall just did this two nights ago. Wall is so athletic that a simple 360-degree layup almost seems understated and simple. Why doesn’t he just do this every┬ápossession? It looks so easy.

4. J.R. Smith, 2010

J.R. Smith pulled it off against the Spurs in 2010. If there was a fundamentally sound 360-degree layup, this would be it. He straight towards the basket, spins away from a defender and uses the glass. It’s like someone would practice in their driveway playing H.O.R.S.E., but, you know, with Tim Duncan playing defense.

3. Vince Carter – 2006

Vince Carter made this impossible shot against the Knicks during his stint in New Jersey. As far as mortals go, this is pretty impressive. For Vince Carter, this was just another highlight.

2. Baron Davis – 2007

Remember back in 2007 when the Warriors knocked off the top-seeded Mavericks and their home arena was bonkers during the NBA playoffs? Well the series after that B-Diddy hit this spinning layup and then threw down one of the all-time great dunks during the Warriors one win in the second round against the Jazz.

1. Nick Young, 2011

Swaggy-P just looks like he has the highest degree of difficulty. Sure, it’s against the Wziards in the middle of another lost season in Washington, but what a shot. And he doesn’t even need the backboard. Only Nick Young would swish a 360-degree layup from out of bounds.

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