Champions League: Juventus vs. Celtic, PSG vs. Valencia

PSG 2-1 Valencia: PSG gave impressed in the first leg with a 2-1 away win, implying there just might be a team amidst the exorbitant player collection. The win was soiled partially though. They conceded a goal, giving Valencia some life heading into the away leg. Zlatan Ibrahimovic also got himself suspended with a dumb red card. The Zlatan will miss out, but one star who might appear is David Beckham. He’s a grizzled 37 and a well regarded underwear billboard. He does not like people messing with his hair. Beckham will start on the bench, but he does have a flair for the dramatic.

Juventus 3-0 Celtic: Celtic came out with spirit in the first leg. Juventus crushed it with classic Italian cynicism. Their three away goals all but ended this on the spot. Celtic would need a 3-0 away win, against one of the best defensive and best disciplined sides in Europe, just to send this to penalties. Such a turn around would be shades of the 2005 Champions League Final, which also featured Andrea Pirlo. Juventus will rest players, notably their three players one booking away from suspension.

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