Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens' 911 Tape Released, Solo Complained "My Husband Is Going to Go to Jail"

The Komo news obtained the 911 tape from the domestic incident at the home of Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens that saw Stevens arrested in November. Solo’s 35-year-old brother Marcus made the 911 call after 3am. He would not reveal the instigator of the altercation.

Hope Solo had blood on her elbow. Marcus solo had “injuries to his head, eye and knees.” Another woman sustained a hip injury. There was a stun gun somehow involved. Stevens claimed to have been sleeping upstairs when the incident took place. The police report said he “appeared to be hiding.”

Hope Solo can be heard in the background complaining to her brother that “my husband is going to go to jail” because he was on probation. The call ended when her brother asked her to take the phone.

If you are not familiar with Mr. Stevens, here is the definitive Seattle Times piece about him.

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