Roundup: Oprah's "Tig Ol' Bitties," Pantless Arkansas Woman Escaping DWI On Power Wheels Truck, Robert Swift's House: Garbage, Shell Casings, Feces

Anna Kendrick…Hugo Chavez died at 58…Drug-resistant Nightmare Bacteria…Winter storm hitting the East CoastGiant camels once roamed the arctic…Ikea Hotels…Gaza marathon cancelled for banning women…How scientists found the Higgs Boson…A take down of Tucker Carlson…Jon Stewart taking a break this summer to direct a movie…Unpaid internships are the absolute worstThe LaFerrari…The U.S. wants U.N. delegates to stop getting so drunk.


Former Seattle Sonic Robert Swift’s foreclosed home was found filled with garbage, shell casings and feces. [KomoNews]

Dan Sileo was not fired for claiming Erin Andrews should do porn. He offended a Jewish AntiDefamation League. [Black Sports Online]

An Arkansas woman fled from a DWI on a Power Wheels truck, without wearing pants. [48News]

Taylor Swift’s song about Amy and Tina is going to be epic, you guys. [Vanity Fair]

There is substance beneath Kliff Kingsbury’s fierce style. [Rivals]

The new Sim City game may not have been worth the wait. [Ars Technica]

Florida: Spring breaker peed through bars in cop car, onto deputies lunch bag. [News-Press]

ESPN NASCAR reporter Jamie Little is balancing work and motherhood. [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

Zoltan Mesko is the emperor of space. He will use that space to hold his chihuahuas while wearing a speedo if it pleases him. [Out Sports]

Here are 105 types of problems you can have on Twitter. [Bro Bible]

Jay Mohr’s socks and sandals are a hot look. [WWTDD]

The Atlantic’s plan to weather the post-print era? Not pay professional journalists. [Nate Thayer]

A statistical breakdown of the top pass rushers in the NFL Draft. [Second Round Stats]

Stevie Wonder A Capella Cover.

50 Years of James Bond

Terrence Howard Likes Oprah’s “Tig Ol’Bitties”

No Distance Left to Run

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