Doug Melvin, the Brewers GM, Was Stung by a Scorpion While in Arizona For Spring Training

Doug Melvin, the General Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, is in Arizona for Spring Training. Wednesday night he got a Kleenex to pick up what he thought was a harmless bug in his condo. Nope. Never mind, it was a freaking scorpion. He then decided to go to the hospital. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Brewers Blog:

“It stung me right through the Kleenex. My arm started swelling and then the numbness started going up my arm, like when you hit your funny bone. I was wondering if it might go all the way up my arm and go to my heart. I got nervous when it get up to my shoulder, so I went to the emergency room.

Well, that sounds fun. (*crosses “Cactus League Spring Training game” off to-do list*) Melvin spent three hours at the hospital where they assured him it was not fatal and gave him an anti-venom injection.


Update: Not A’s manager Bob Melvin.

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