Nick Diaz Says a Soccer Mom Pulled Up Next to Him at a Stoplight and Said, "I Hope GSP Beats Your Ass!"

*Language NSFW*

The UFC 158 conference call took place this afternoon. The call featured headliners Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz, as well as some other fighters from the card that no one really tuned in to hear. What everyone hoped for was The Nick Diaz Show. What everyone got was just that.

Diaz went on multiple tirades about a perceived lack of respect for him on… everyone’s part, basically. What no one saw coming was a story he told about a run-in with a GSP fan in his own hometown of Lodi, California. (Just outside Stockton. 209. Wut!)

“Check it out motherfucker. I pull up to a stoplight the other day and some fuckin’ 40-year old lady… some… some soccer mom… sticks her head out the window, and she’s like, “I hope GSP beats your ass!” We’re in fucking Lodi bitch! I’m like, are you serious? We are in Lodi right now.”

Honestly, it was the greatest story I have ever heard. This is the way that Nick Diaz sees the world. Even random soccer moms on the street are against him in his own hometown. A few minutes later he also said this:

“I’m like the super hero coming in with the anti-bullshit.”

Everyone is out to get Diaz and he is just a humble super human trying to keep it real and save you boring, wrestling-loving haters. UFC 158 is March 16th.

[Image via @Erik_Fontanez]

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