Australian Rules Football Player Climbs Up an Opponent's Back to Make Spectacular Catch [Video]

This comes from the Australian Football League. The title is simply “Walker on a high.” What does that mean? Who knows. Maybe the description of the video would help. “Carlton’s Andrew Walker takes an absolute hanger.” OK. So we now know the guy’s name and what team he plays for. What he actually does could be anyone’s guess.

[watches video]

Whoa. I’m not sure what happened before or after this, but I know this was spectacular. Turns out his teammate punts the ball from about 30 yards away and Walker jumps on an opponent’s back, kneels there for a couple seconds and then stretches out to make what looks like a really difficult catch. It’s like an outfielder climbing a wall to rob a┬áhome run, but the wall is a person who is also trying to catch the baseball and the wall is trying to tackle you and dump you on your head. Or it is nothing like that.

Because you want to see it first!

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