Colin Cowherd Has Some Thoughts on Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless, and I Think He Took a Shot at Jim Rome or Mike Francesa, Too

Bill Simmons opened the floodgates, I guess.

While ESPN employees are usually reluctant to criticize anything under the ESPN umbrella – most remember Tony Kornheiser getting suspended for talking about Hannah Storm’s wardrobe in 2010? – Simmons chiming in on the latest First Take debacle may have empowered others to do the same. Colin Cowherd went on his ESPN radio show this morning and went on a lengthy rant (we’ve only included part of it) about the show, Skip Bayless, Richard Sherman and publicity, among other things. Cowherd didn’t blast the show the way Simmons did, but didn’t defend it, either.

“First Take is just not my shtick. That’s not the kind of show I would do. It’s not what I would do … it’s not my thing,” he said.

Also, Cowherd took a thinly-veiled shot (:39) at another radio host (Jim Rome? Dan Patrick? Mike Francesa?) when he said “there’s a radio guy out there that made a career on ripping people, and then they come on the show, and it’s suck up time. I don’t do that.” Any guesses who he’s talking about there?

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