Gunner Kiel To Transfer From Notre Dame, Does He End Up in the MAC or at Cincinnati or Kansas?

Gunner Kiel has not thrown a pass, but has already become a household name. The prized quarterback recruit committed to Indiana, to LSU and finally to Notre Dame last season. Now, after just over a year on campus, the Indiana-native has decided to transfer to yet another school. The kid has a reputation.

The degree to which his credibility has fallen may be unfair. It’s not abnormal for a 17-year-old to waver on his college choice. It’s not abnormal for the immense national recruiting pressure to affect a kid. He changed his mind multiple times, but at a point where he was entitled to do so. Transferring from Notre Dame is also a rational decision right now. He’s fourth on the depth chart. He’s staring at a situation where he might have to wait until his 5th year to start, and that is if he wins the job.

According to Bruce Feldman, at least one such program already rejected an overture from him. It’s not clear whether that’s a consensus or a program specific feeling. This is a kid who had offers from Alabama, Michigan, USC and Oklahoma among others 18 months ago. His arm, presumably, has not deteriorated. Notre Dame blocked Aaron Lynch from going to Florida, Florida State or Miami last year. We would presume the top-tier is out of the question.

Would Kiel’s potential restriction include the entire Big Ten? Discount Purdue and Michigan State who are on Notre Dame’s schedule, but there would have to be some interest elsewhere. The best pure passing quarterback over the entirety of 2012 was Matt McGloin, and it was sharp, sad decline from there. Irish Illustrated throws out a few MAC options: Ball State, Miami of (Br)Ohio, and Northern Illinois. Kiel could also join Tommy Tuberville at Cincinnati to play in Conference TBD. Should we throw Charlie Weis into the mix for shits and giggles? Yeah, why not?









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