Roundup: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher on Board for Star Wars Sequel & Kobe Bryant Went on Jimmy Kimmel

Claudia Romani … the Star Wars sequel is going to rock … craziest retirement party ever? … you click all Nate Silver-related links, right? … science says beards are good for you … “restaurant customer arrested after trying to use waitress’s stolen ID” … this is an impossible-to-believe story of a guy who was in solitary confinement for 22 monthsPixar’s rules of storytelling … everyone in Washington DC is fitness-obsessed! … “New York has 420 theatres, while Paris has 353″ … SI model Chrissy Teigen loves to post NSFW-ish Instagram photos …

There are NFL draft prop lines, if you can believe that. [Cleveland Frowns]

Johnny Manziel is adjusting to the celebrity spotlight. [SI.com]

Brian Hartline and the Dolphins agreed on a 5-year, $31 million deal. [NFL.com]

Look out, West: Denver blasts Clippers, 107-92, and the Nuggets have won seven straight. [Post]

Sergio Romo closed out the World Series when we last saw him; not the case at the World Baseball Classic Thursday. [SF Chronicle]

Sports bubble go pop? [ESPN]

Austin Rivers is out 4-6 weeks with a broken hand. His rough rookie year has mercifully ended. [NOLA.com]

Without their best player, Colorado still smashed Oregon 76-53. [Oregonian]

Next time a pro sports owner says the team is struggling financially, don’t believe them. You never should. [Deadspin]

Amare is beastin’ again. [But the Game is On]

Has this year’s college basketball season been that crazy? Not really, given recent history. [HCSAC]

Good breakdown of the Jets/Revis situation. [NFL.com]

This has to put an end to the Harlem Shake. Right? Please? [via Swim Daily]

Hangover 3 Trailer. I could barely make it through Hangover 2, why would I watch this?

Strong showing from Kobe on Kimmel Thursday night.

Watch this moron crash and destroy a Ferrari.

Because you want to see it first!

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