Kevin Garnett Says the Celtics Haven't Given In to "the bull---- critics" [Video]

The Boston Celtics are a stunning 14-4 since Rajon Rondon went down with a torn ACL, abruptly ending his season. Following the team’s overtime win over the Hawks on Friday, Kevin Garnett was asked if the season is starting to take on the theme of things media folks love to write about, like “a special feel” and “overcoming adversity,” given all the injuries.

Garnett, initially puzzled and in need of clarification — which is fair since a win over the Hawks in March is about as special as ass sweat — finally said, “we’re workin’ hard. We haven’t gave in to the bullshit ass critics.” Fair enough. He also offered up a response of “we’re not perfect, holmes” to the next question that was asked and later said he had been reading some of the “pathetic articles” with their “lousy analysis.”

[via WEEI]

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