Bob Knight's 1980s Golf Show Had Some Divine Outakes [Video]

This outstanding compilation of outakes from Bob Knight’s bizarre late 80s golf show expectedly has a ton of views, but has somehow managed to escape my viewing eyeballs until now. If you haven’t already taken a swan dive into this one, or even if you have, jump into the glory that is Bobby Knight cursing at golf balls.

The first amazing F-bomb comes 13 seconds in, four seconds ahead of my initial prediction. A truly wonderful moment comes at the 2:11 mark following a shot out of the bunker that results in Knight throwing a club and screaming obscenities like he’s trying to slay the field in a cursing competition.

The absolute must-see moment comes in the final minute when Knight cuts a promo for the show that naturally ends with him talking about staying away from home to “avoid all the bullshit your wife gives you.” That of course leads to a beautiful blowup with the producer. Classic Bob Knight. The man is a national treasure.

[h/t @holtz923]

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