Hooters Ballgirl Fields Fair Ball During Phillies - Rays Game, Hands it to a Fan [Video]

Hooters provides some Spring Training games with ballgirls apparently. During the 6th inning of yesterday’s Rays – Phillies game in Clearwater – the original home of Hooters – a ballgirl fielded a ball that was hit in-play down the third base line by Shelley Duncan. She then handed it to a fan. When she found out what she had done, she hid her face in her glove. According to the Tampa Bay Times, manager Joe Maddon praised the girl:

“She moved her feet well,” Maddon said . “I thought she presented her hands to the ball very well also. The overall package was very, um, efficient.”

Duncan was given a double on the play. The ballgirl was sent back to the restaurant to continue paying for college.

Because you want to see it first!

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