Freshman Attempts Her First Shot of the Game, Hits Buzzer-Beater to Win the State Championship [Video]

This is Christ Presbyterian Academy (Tennessee) freshman guard Adela Franco taking and making her first shot of the TSSAA Division I Class AA Girls Basketball Championship. Yes, it was a buzzer-beater to win the state championship, 52-49 over Macon County.  That is an undeniably awesome story. Now, can we talk about how bad the defense was?

When Franco first gets the ball with around 8 seconds remaining, there is no one below the free throw line on offense or defense. She has a clear line to the basket, but doesn’t take it because HOLD FOR THE LAST SHOT NO MATTER WHAT.

Then Macon County’s entire team decides they bad better protect the basket. Franco quickly gets rid of the ball. A spectator raises his (or her) arm as if to say, “What the fuck are you doing!?”

Here everyone runs back towards the ball. They are chasing it like a bunch of tee ballers chasing a ball in the outfield. This is a state championship game.

Finally, Adela Franco takes her wide-open 3-pointer. Just the way her coach drew it up. As for the Macon County coach… Oy. Perhaps man-to-man defense and the advice to “not give up a wide-open jumper” would have been better than the worst zone ever played? Still, congratulations to Franco for making the biggest shot of her life.

Because you want to see it first!

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