Mike Francesa Eloquently Announces New Pope, Says Cardinal 11 Times [Video]

The Mike Francesa listening experience, summed up in 211 hypnotizing seconds.

To summarize, the Argentinian Cardinal, Jorge Bergoglio, is the new pope and is 76 years old. Now say that 19 times in a row in 19 different ways, with a sincere look of grand confusion, like a black lab that just watched his tennis ball roll into the sewer. My favorite snippet from this mess might be the line of “so they went for an older pope,” as though they might’ve had their eye on a young gun in the farm system. The only surprise is that Francesa didn’t introduce him as new pope and former Cardinals catcher, Joe Garagiola.

UPDATE: Better video now with the added bonus of four more Cardinals, bringing the grand total to 15 Cardinals.

[h/t Jimmy Traina]

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