Curtis Woodhouse, a Professional Boxer, Tracked Down His Biggest Twitter Troll [Video]

Curtis Woodhouse is an English boxer and former professional soccer player. Last Friday night, he lost the English light-welterweight title to Shane Singleton. After the loss, Woodhouse went on Twitter to find that @jimmyob88 called him a disgrace. @jimmyob88 – James O’Brien – had apparently been giving Woodhouse shit on Twitter for months, but after the loss, Woodhouse couldn’t take it anymore. So he offered his followers 1,000-pounds if they helped him locate his troll. They obliged.

So Woodhouse drove to James’ house and live-Tweeted the entire thing. It was a valuable lesson for everyone involved. O’Brien learned that if you troll a motivated and angry professional boxer, sometimes he shows up at your house and makes you mess your pants. Woodhouse and O’Brien appeared on television – ITV’s Daybreak – to discuss the incident, apologize and shake hands.

Because you want to see it first!

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