Roundup: Jeff Gordon's Test Drive, Pi Day, New Pope, Steven Seagal Hangs With Putin

Johanna Lundbäckwheelchair bound man opens fire in a bar … man who saved children from a shark firedFrank Lucas back … Amsterdam’s 70-year old twin prostitutes retiring … a kid ate a used condom at McDonald’s … woman died in accident with college lacrosse team bus … astronauts heading home … it is “Pi Day” … a Veronica Mars movie will happen, thanks to Kickstarter … meet Pope Francis … Google Reader and the underpants gnomesPope Francis resigns … police sergeant demoted after posting nude pictures online

Eddie Pearce was supposed to the “The Next Nicklaus.” [Golf Channel]

NASCAR driver Jeremy Clements reinstated after dropping an N-bomb a couple weeks ago. [ESPN]

Deion Sanders won his custody battle. [Dallas Morning News]

Greg Jennings is visiting with the Vikings. [PFT]

Your company’s IT team is not looking forward to the NCAA Tournament. [MNN]

Steven Seagal was in Russia promoting physical fitness with Vladimir Putin. [Guardian]

Petyon Manning was not the lead negotiator in the Wes Welker signing. [NFL]

Kevin Garnett reflects on growing old with Paul Pierce. [WEEI]

The Colts signed workout monster Laron Landry. [Indy Star]

Nick Diaz wanted to fight Georges St. Pierre at a hotel after UFC 137 in October 2011. [MMA Fighting]

DeMarcus Cousins didn’t mean to elbow Mike Dunleavy in the head the play after he confronted him. Just bad timing. [Sacramento Bee]

Carlsberg beer helped people prank their friends to see if they would help them in the middle of the night.

Jeff Gordon’s version of the Uncle Drew ads is pretty funny. No matter how staged you believe it to be.

Here is Countdown to UFC 158.

Olivia Wilde upset Bieber fans.

In case you missed the Djimi Traoré goal from the other day.

Because you want to see it first!

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