Bill Walton Jokes: "They're going to suspend Bill Simmons, anything is possible," During the Pac-12 Tournament. Also, a Ray Lewis-Limo Joke [Video]

Bill Walton, the 60-year-old announcing legend who has never been afraid to say what’s on his mind, had a couple memorable moments while calling the Washington-Oregon game in the Pac-12 tournament, including a bizarre Bill Simmons reference. But let’s start with his Ray Lewis-Limo joke, shall we?

As cameras showed Pac-12 school mascots and cheerleaders exiting a limo, Walton joked that he was “way in the back with Ray Lewis.” This is what’s known as “funny.” Will ESPN see it the same way? They just hired Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis has a sense of humor, right?

The Bill Simmons line came out of nowhere (1:03). Again, will sensitive ESPN have an issue with Walton’s comment? Obviously it shouldn’t, because he didn’t really say anything, but this is ESPN, after all. Who knows what they’ll do? You can drop an N-bomb and nothing happens, but strict social media rules prevent offering a comment on the dumbest show the network has.

Credit Walton’s partner in crime, Dave Pasch, for holding it together while Walton continued to rant about nothing in particular.

The two ended their broadcast with Walton saying, “so many things here have defied rational thought” … Pasch, “you’re not kidding.”

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