Bubble Trouble: A Blind Taste Test of Tennessee, Virginia and La Salle, Plus Others

Tennessee, Virginia, and La Salle all lost key contests today, which could have pushed them over the top. Are they still in? It is too close to call at this point. Let’s do a blind taste test, though, with these three and five other teams who have also concluded their conference tournament play, some of which are also considered on the bubble, some of which are widely considered in.

To do this, I list the RPI rank, the Pomeroy rank (which the committee does not explicitly use, though there is some indication individual members may be aware of), and the record vs. RPI opponents ranked 1-50, 51-100, 101-200, and 201 and up.

Feel free to look below for the identity of the teams, but see who you would rank just on this information:

Some of those teams may be easily identifiable if you have followed college basketball; others may not be so obvious just based on this overall profile view. For example, Virginia is pretty unique, and if you are aware of their outcomes this year, you can probably pick them out of the group.

Are you done? Here you go, below the picture of Joe Harris:


Team A: Tennessee

Team B: Middle Tennessee

Team C: Virginia

Team D: La Salle

Team E: Oklahoma

Team F: California

Team G: Boise State

Team H: Villanova

[photo via USA Today Sports Images]

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