The State of Texas Has No Teams in the NCAA Tournament

For the first time since 1977, the entire state of Texas is shut out of the NCAA Tournament, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Could this be a positive sign for Marquette? That was the year Al McGuire won a national championship, though they probably need to bring back these uniforms as well. How long ago was it? Dean Smith had zero national championships. Mike Krzyzewski was the head coach at Army. I was wearing some ridiculous plaid jeans. Thirty-two teams competed in the NCAA tournament.

Via Kevin McGuire, here is a map of the teams in the 2013 NCAA field.

Not only does the site for the South region (North Texas) have no representatives in the tournament, neither does the location of the Final Four (Georgia). In fact, you could drive from Charleston, South Carolina, through Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas all the way to El Paso, and pass through only three tournament team states (Mississippi, Southern, and Northwestern State). When does football season begin?

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