Miami Dolphins' Leaked New Logo is Just Enough to Be Perfectly Boring

Courtesy of Uni Watch comes the most convincing leak to date of the Miami Dolphins new logo. Unless what we’re seeing here is a shipment of production samples to test the logo on team apparel and perhaps discuss it in a spirited focus group, it appears this is indeed the new look we’ll be seeing from the Dolphins. In a word? Boring. In another word? Lifeless. Even the dolphin that modeled for the logo appears to be depressed about the change.

This unnecessary makeover is reminiscent of when the Orioles switched from the affable cartoon bird to that safe, generic stork. The good news is Miami will eventually see the light just like Baltimore did and switch back to the helmet-wearing dolphin that we’ve all come to know and love. The bad news is it will take roughly 10 years to happen.

[via @UniWatch]

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