Roundup: Monkey Fights Goat at the Zoo, Andrew Bynum's Career in Jeopardy & NCAA Tournament Links

Melanie Iglesias … the house from Rocky II is for sale …… huge great white shark hooked in Florida waters … parents now using drug sniffing dogs to find their kids’ weedlocal TV news headed the way of print news? … RIP Oklahoma QB Steve Davis … Lena Dunham wrote about dogs in the New Yorker … man falls into shredder, loses both legs … “645 pills found in body cavity search” … “Whiz kid grows algae under her bed, wins Intel science fair” …

Nate Silver, parity, numbers and the NCAA tournament. [NYT]

“In 2012, newspapers lost $16 in print ads for every $1 earned in digital ads.” [The Atlantic]

Kirk Bohls wants to know why college football players gets whistled for taunting, but Marshall Henderson gets away with it. Uh, Kirk, he’s not taunting opponents – just fans. [Statesman]

The 76ers need to forget about Andrew Bynum and move on. Double knee surgery? Unreal. [Yahoo Sports]

A Q&A with Verne Lundquist. [Sherman Report]

“A British man born with no penis is preparing for ground-breaking surgery that will attempt to create a functioning organ from the skin of his arm.” [Post]

Without Kobe, the Lakers got blasted in Phoenix. [Republic]

Fifty years ago this week, Bob Cousy said goodbye to basketball. [Globe]

Stacy Lewis is the No. 1 ranked women’s golfer in the world. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard her name. [Times]

Ranking the 68 NCAA tournament schools by the coolest person who went there. I have a minor quibble with the JMU decision – ahem – but otherwise, terrific list. [Extra Mustard]

Calvin Johnson, what a guy – he restructured his deal to free up cap room for the Lions. [Freep]

Damn, Whitlock just killin’ the NCAA tournament. I’m sure he’ll get interested if Kansas makes a run. [Fox Sports]

Hey, look! The Economist wrote a little something about the NCAA Tourney. [Economist]

The Death Star was an inside job! [via Mengus]

Those are bees. On a soccer goal. Anyone else ever not been stung? [via Hot Clicks]

Monkey scraps with goat the the zoo. This is a featherweight vs. a heavyweight, but props to the monkey for being fearless. [via Adam]

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