The Nets PR Twitter Feed Has Been Shut Down Because the Nets Are Stupid

Leave it to the Nets, a franchise that for years has lacked any semblance of an identity, to put the lid on what had become a refreshingly fun voice for the team’s Twitter account, at least by NBA PR standards.

Rather than post uninteresting, pulseless nuggets of information that people would quickly gloss over while scrolling through their feed — something their straight-laced rivals at the Garden might typically do — @NetsPR offered up random, tongue-in-cheek lines like “the Nets are 32-0 when outscoring opponent this season.” Simple and harmless, but effective. After all, it’s a freaking Twitter account. It shouldn’t be all that complicated or incessantly overthought.

So while this is by no means life-altering news, it certainly seems foolish to pull the plug on something that fans appeared to enjoy. Alas, the Nets have decided to go in a different direction and change the tone of the account to a more unified PR voice from the organization, as if fans had begun comparing press releases to tweets from the account and became increasingly alarmed at the abhorrent, stark differences between the two.

The account hasn’t been active since February 28 and the Nets have yet to issue a comment on the change, but this is a prime example of a sports franchise almost getting social media. I’m guessing sooner than later we’ll begin to see an eventful return to tweets that house mundane crap like attendance figures from last night’s game, naturally accompanied by an unreasonable number of exclamation points. Can’t wait.

[via The Brooklyn Game]

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