Katherine Webb Made Her Celebrity Diving Debut So Here Are Some Gifs!

Splash finally debuted last night. I was at a bar eating dinner with some friends. Since there was nothing but play-in and NIT games on television, I asked for the bartender to change the channel to ABC.

“What’s on ABC?”

“A reality diving show.”


“Also, can I get a fresh PBR?”

We proceeded to watch Splash (and then the Dancing With the Stars replay show…*) in its entirety at the bar. To say the show was epic would be to undersell it. There was an entire segment about how even with the help of Ndamukong Suh, Louie Anderson couldn’t get out of the pool. The star of the program though, was Katherine Webb.

First she told the story of how she got famous and she dedicated her first dive to Brent Musburger. Now, here is the story of that dive.

Katherine Webb - Episode 1 Splash

As I said earlier this week – it is Superman-like.

Katherine Webb - Episode 1 Splash

Blowing kisses to Brent, no doubt.

Katherine Webb - Episode 1 Splash

She then took her place on the 16-foot platform. Surprisingly, Louie Anderson did not get the same pan from head to toe.

Katherine Webb - Episode 1 Splash

“OK. I’m famous now. And I have to jump into the water. Why didn’t A.J. tell me this is how hard this was going to be? No. No. I can do this. Pull yourself together woman.”

Katherine Webb - Episode 1 Splash

Great form. Horrible dive.

Katherine Webb - Episode 1 Splash

They had to decide between this camera and the crowd reaction.

Katherine Webb - Episode 1 Splash

Did we mention Charissa Thompson is involved with this program? I feel like we should have mentioned that Charissa Thompson is involved with this program. At the end of the show Katherine had to do a dive-off with Keshia Knight Pulliam to see who would get kicked off the show. The judges sided with Musburger and our heroine will return next week.

*Splash is a gateway reality competition.

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