While Clumsily Attempting to Cross-Promote Splash, Sportscenter Anchor Kevin Negandhi Joked About 'Tan' People Jumping in the Water

ESPN has been relentlessly attempting to cross-promote ABC’s new diving show, Splash – radio, TV, it’s everywhere – and this may have been the best attempt yet. Sportscenter anchor Jay Harris joked about his co-host, Kevin Negandhi, jumping off the diving board. What followed was a humorous exchange between the two.

Jay Harris: What do you think it would take to get Kevin Negandhi on a diving board?
Kevin Negandhi: Nothing. I’m tan, I don’t jump in the water.
Harris: [Jokingly serious] What you trying to say? [laughter]
Negandhi: [Tapping Harris on the arm] I’m halfway there, I understand! (laughter)

Maybe it’s because I’m an Indian-American like Negandhi, but I laughed. I thought this was tastefully done and injected some life into Sportscenter. Chemistry and jokes will always trump shouting and debate. I’m curious how the rest of the internet reacts, if at all. [H/T reader JD]

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