The Jason McIntyre Show, Episode 4: Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports

If you follow college sports, you’re familiar with the work of Yahoo Sports columnist Dan Wetzel. A former college hoops guy, he’s shifted to college football for most of the last decade, but also writes about a host of other topics – basically, whatever the big story is, he’s on it for Yahoo.

In our 40-minute chat, we talked about:

* Journalism. The, “my job is to deliver traffic” line is pretty jarring at first, but you have to hear him explain it. He’s right, of course. If you’re a writer on the internet and you can’t generate traffic, that’s a problem.
* There’s a lot of new media stuff early in the podcast. Probably 15 minutes worth. If you’re interested in how the media works, or think you want to be a sportswriter, I suggest listening to it.
* Sad but true: He covered the thrilling Indiana/Michigan game late in the season. Not only was he the first on the Crean-flip out story, but Wetzel also went and talked to Denard Robinson in the stands … and he said that column did 4x the traffic his Indiana/Michigan story did. If you didn’t know, College Football is king.
* Wetzel talked about his columns from Steubenville.
* The last 10 minutes are spent on college football, specifically, the BCS shifting to a playoff (he suspects we’ll get eight teams very soon) and paying players (he’s on board with the Jay Bilas Olympic model).

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