Roundup: March Madness, Lindsey Vonn Made Fun of Tiger Woods, Syracuse Being Investigated

Elisha Cuthbert … a bunch of mini-ponies in cars … man named Bart Simpson on trial in front of judge named Mr. Burns … watch out for bat-eating spiders … hacker deletes all Soulja Boy’s music videos from YouTube which is kind of hilarious … Jon Hamm has a large package … teens are still smoking, but to be fair it does look really cool … Garfield is not supposed to be funny … the porn star from “Deep Throat” died … words the WaPo’s Outlook section avoids … an interview with Bruno Mars … Girl Scout cookie flavored beer

Syracuse basketball program being investigated by the NCAA. [CBS Sports]

Adrian Gonzalez’s father is suing MLB. [Sports On Earth]

Lindsey Vonn once joked about Tiger’s problems. [New York Post]

How to fill out a competitive bracket if you’re not a college basketball fan. [The Record]

Predicting the March Madness upsets. [Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective]

Texas blames the end of their series with A&M on A&M. [Mr. SEC]

David Beckham is an ambassador to the Chinese Super League. I assume this is how all women thought he looked when he played soccer. [NBC News]

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could easily work out a contract with Darrelle Revis. [New York Post]

12-year old kid qualifies for PGA Tour event. [Devil Ball]

NBC has the most sports Emmy nominations. [National Academy of Television]

Landon Donovan is US Soccer’s missing piece. [New York Times]

Nick Diaz lost because of leaks in his camp. [Fightlinker]

Michigan State fans buying South Dakota State clothes to cheer against Michigan. [CBS]

Steve Alford signed a new 10-year contract to stay in New Mexico. [ABQ Journal]

The odds of filling out the perfect bracket… So you’re saying there’s a chance!

British Airways put a giant suitcase in a mall and filled it with famous lookalikes.

Pink stops in the middle of a song to make a little girl stop crying.

A collection of Justin Gamble’s best video/photo bombs.

Heidi Klum has a Carl’s Jr commercial.

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