Colorado State Ram Boy Was Featured in the New York Times

Colorado State fan at Missouri game

This Colorado State fan was a hit during the Thursday games. The New York Times profiled him. He’s 16-year-old Justin Stank. He has been going to games dressed as a ram since he was an infant. He’s on his ninth ram outfit. Not surprisingly it itches and he “sweats like a pig.”

Every two years or so, or when it gets too tight in the shoulders, Zoe, with the help of a neighbor, stitches a new costume with the help of what she called a heavy-duty sewing machine. It is a two-week process. She calls a fabric store in Greeley — where, Justin said, they are known as “the people with the suit” — and orders the caramel-shaded poly fur, always buying extra for emergencies. For the current suit, she needed five yards.

Until Justin was about 10, he did not wear a jersey over the outfit. Then he decided he wanted to be more like Cam, the Rams’ official mascot, who adapts his clothing to the season. Justin, a broad-shouldered 5 feet 5 inches, has full jerseys for basketball and football, his modest tail tucked beneath the shorts or pants, but only a uniform top for volleyball.

Also notable: he got buffalo charged by Colorado’s mascot (not the real Buffalo) and was grabbed by the throat by a Colorado fan.

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