Johnny Manziel Shoved a Graduate Assistant & Threw Three Interceptions During Spring Practice!

Johnny Manziel is back from Spring Break and that means it’s time for Spring practice at Texas A&M. It seems that Johnny Football is not dealing with the return to the high-pressure world of College Football very well because he’s turning the ball over and shoving people! From the Houston Chronicle:

Following his last of three interceptions, on a short pass into the end zone as he ran into the right sidelines, an exuberant graduate assistant jumped up and down within what appeared to be inches of an irate Manziel. So Manziel shoved him. Players and coaches, who were all gathered along the sidelines, quickly separated the Giddy GA and Manziel before anything escalated.

Now, let’s take this with a grain of salt. The Houston Chronicle is the only outlet actually reporting this story. So either nothing happened, or every other news outlet is sweeping it under the rug to protect Johnny Football Hero. Either Manziel playfully shoved someone close to the team after a frustrating play and there is nothing to it – or – he shoved somebody when he was mad and his ego is out of control. Your take on the event likely depends on your collegiate football affiliation. Even Brent Zwerneman, the reporter who wrote the story, tried to downplay the incident on Twitter.

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