Lenny Dykstra is a Massive Turd Stain on Humanity, Racist, and Pretty Disgusting, New Book Claims

Lenny “Nails” Dykstra has been a train wreck for a while.  A former employee during Dykstra’s bizarre run as a financial expert/con man has written a book detailing the sociopathic Dykstra, as detailed in the New York Post. Many of the details have been known as Dykstra’s crazy path has been laid out over the past four years; others are as fresh as a turd. Our Tim Ryan, after one of the many crazy Dykstra stories in the past, said, “[a]t this point, Lenny’s life makes Game of Thrones look like an episode of Mr. Bean.”

You’ve heard about the bankruptcy and the naked episode with a maid, and trying to break Dwight Gooden out of rehab. How disturbed of an individual is Dykstra? Here are a few other sickening allegations:

  • Dykstra liked to “leave a large amount of feces in the toilet . . . so he could hear the shrieks of the hotel’s grossed-out maids”.
  • He once told a female executive, in a meeting, that he had “impregnated three women in the same night and made them all get abortions.”
  • He referred to Tiger Woods and Derek Jeter as “darkies”, Willie Mays as a “field n***er”, and Venus and Serena Williams as “baboons.”
  • He tried to get an employee to falsify a document so he could get access to his son Cutter’s money.
  • There are additional details about his penchant for placing Craigslist ads and then exposing himself. One woman said that Dykstra grabbed her by the neck and pushed her head down to his groin, and told her she was going to see God.
  • The LAPD detective who arrested Dykstra called him a “total sociopath” and “among the top three most egregious criminals he’s come across in his 24 years on the force.”

Other than that, he’s a swell guy, though.

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