The Jason McIntyre Show Episode 5: Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network

NFL free agency is just about over, but the draft is on the horizon. This seems like a fine time to talk football, so I asked Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network about coming on the podcast. Fresh off a weekend bachelor party, he obliged. Among the topics of discussion:

* Whether you pronounce his name I-an or E-an.
* Darrelle Revis. Rapoport thinks a trade could still come closer to draft day, but we both agree the Jets royally screwed this up. I get sad.
* The transition from print to TV. Ever wonder what it’s like to work on your TV game? He spent 3 days in “TV camp” to hone his new craft.
* What it feels like to get bombarded with tweets from people saying “you suck on TV.”
* What it’s like getting hit in the face with a football on TV, and how it feels to be watching Jimmy Kimmel crack a joke about you.
* Chasing twitter rumors, and decide what to look into and what to ignore. This story was referenced.
* Life on the Alabama beat when Nick Saban is the coach. Not very fun.
* Life on the Patriots beat when Bill Belichick is the coach. More fun than Alabama.

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